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Musical Pleasure’s offers a wide range of piano services, such as sales,piano restoration and much more.
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 The majestic sounds of a piano cannot be surpassed. The intricacy of the instrument is taught with the utmost patience and understanding to enhance performance. Musical Pleasure’s offers a versatile range of musical services which includes piano services, sales as well as piano restoration.Included in our extensive range of piano related services, Musical Pleasures extends the following piano services:

  • Selling new and second hand pianos affordable prices

We sell brand new as well as second hand instruments, depending on the clients preferred performance and specifications required

  • Piano tuning on all acoustic pianos

The strings of the piano are often under an immense amount of tension that is supported by a frame, plate, pin block, bridges and a sound board. Musical Pleasures assists in repositioning these components to bring it back to its original tune.

  • Polish and restore piano cabinets

The exterior of the piano should always be kept in pristine condition.

  • Interior piano restoration and repairs

A factor such as temperature and humidity changes affects the sound board for example. The expansion pushes on the strings which can also affect the strings, frame and plate.

  • Move and Transport pianos

The logistics of moving a piano should always be carefully thought through. Musical Pleasures is equipped with the correct resources and knowledge to move the pianos if necessary.

  • Valuate pianos

The valuation of instruments has dramatically increased as they have significant artistic economic value. We are the professionals in valuations of pianos.

  • Piano rentals for special functions and for longer terms

Musical Pleasures also extends piano services for special occasions and events.

  • Musical Pleasures buys second hand pianos too.

Contact Musical Pleasures for more piano services.

What piano services do you need?

  • We sell new and second hand pianos at very good prices
  • We do piano tuning on all acoustic pianos
  • We polish and restore piano cabinets
  • We do interior piano restoration and repairs
  • We move and Transport pianos
  • We valuate pianos
  • We do piano rentals for special functions and for longer terms
  • We buy second hand pianos
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